About Us

Who we are

We are a team dedicated to nature and adventure enthusiasts, ready to turn your trips to the Danube Delta into experiences to remember.

With Deeper Blue you'll travel in comfort and safety, on calm waters and mysterious canals. Our boats are not just means of travel, but real time capsules that take you through the ancient stories of the Danube Delta.

Our boat drivers, experienced guides born and bred in the heart of the delta, will open the doors to stunning scenery, unique birds and rich flora, creating a genuine connection between you and nature. Your journey to the delta becomes a journey back in time, where every moment leads you to discover the hidden miracles of this corner of paradise.

Discover the magic of the Deeper Blue tours and let us turn every trip into an adventure that will stay with you long after you've left these wonderful lands.

We respect the nature

We practice and encourage eco-tourism: no negative impact on the environment.

Local guides

Our team of boat leaders/drivers is made up only of locals, the real guides of the delta.


We collaborate with different guesthouses in the delta, places where you can eat traditionally or even stay overnight.

Photo tours

We also do trips for birdwatchers and wildlife photographers.

What we offer

Travelling in Harmony with Nature

We believe in journeys that not only bring you joy, but also contribute to the preservation of natural beauty. We are pioneers of ecotourism in the Danube Delta, offering trips that respect the fragile balance of this ecosystem. With our fleet of eco-friendly vehicles and authentic guides (locals), we invite you to discover a natural paradise with no trace of negative impact, where every trip becomes a contribution to the conservation of this precious corner of the world.

Exclusive Experiences in the Heart of the Delta

With Deeper Blue, travel is more than just a trip. We're dedicated to giving you unforgettable experiences amidst the grandeur of this unique European wilderness. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, every trip with us is a foray into the stories of nature. With passionate guides and premium vehicles, simply choose one of the tours listed on the website and we guarantee you'll be projected into a world of scenic landscapes and authentic adventures.

Comfort and Safety

We are a dedicated team of professionals, passionate guides and experienced drivers, united by a common love for the Danube Delta. With every trip, we aim to provide you not just with a service, but a personalised experience that will stay in your heart and keep you coming back for more. Come to the delta with us and witness the magic of travelling in a unique ecosystem!

Delta delicacies and traditions

Our offers include not only visits to the most picturesque and spectacular areas of the delta, but also Lipovenetian art programmes and tasting of local cuisine. The music of these folklore ensembles will send you into a forgotten world, but you will be brought down to earth by the traditional Delta cuisine, from all variations of fish dishes to yoghurt and herb blinis and Lipovenetian pies.