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Trips in Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a haven of biodiversity, providing shelter for a wide range of bird, fish and plant species. On our route, you can expect to encounter pelicans, cormorants, swans and other fascinating migratory birds. In addition, the diverse vegetation, consisting of reeds, bulrushes and water lilies, will impress you with its natural beauty.

This unique experience brings you closer to nature and gives you the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Danube Delta. Book now and witness a memorable journey full of adventure and discovery!

Tulcea – „Lacul cu pasări”

Pelicanii albi în grup la apus.

25 Euro

Tulcea - Nebunu Lake

Lebădă zburând deasupra apei la apus.

30 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23

Apus lacustru cu barcă în prim-plan.

40 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23 – Letea

Șalupă pe apă cu pasageri, zi însorită.

50 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23 – Sulina

Far vechi pe râu la apus.

50 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23 – Pădurea Caraorman

Masa din beton sub copac secular în pădure.

50 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23 – Letea – Sulina

Stradă pietonală, clădiri, cer albastru cu nori.

60 Euro

Tulcea – Sulina

Barcă pe râu, călătorie, natură, vară.

36 Euro

Tulcea – Mila 23 – Pădurea Caraorman – Sf. Gheorghe

Masă din piatră în pădure, ramețe în prim-plan.

60 Euro

Tulcea – Chilia – Mila 23

Lebădă albă pe apă, în natură.

50 Euro

To ensure that your trip is not only pleasant but also sustainable, please observe the following rules and common sense tips:
  1. Respect wildlife - The Danube Delta is a fragile ecosystem, so please admire the flora and fauna from a safe distance. Do not disturb birds and animals, and avoid collecting plants.
  2. Only dispose of rubbish in designated areas - Keep the Delta clean! Keep your rubbish with you and only dispose of it in the designated areas. In this way we protect the natural habitat and contribute to maintaining the healthy ecology of the Danube Delta.
  3. Keep quiet - The Danube Delta is a peaceful sanctuary for many bird species. Please keep the noise level low so as not to disturb these creatures and to enjoy the sounds of nature in silence.
  4. Don't feed wild animals - Even if the intention is good, feeding wild animals can disrupt their natural diet and create harmful addictions. Let nature take its course and regulate itself.
  5. Use biodegradable products - If you need to use personal use products during your trip, opt for biodegradable products. This protects water quality and the habitat.
  6. Learn about local species - The more you know about the fauna and flora of the Danube Delta, the more you will appreciate this experience. Our guides are here to share fascinating information about each species you encounter.
  7. Follow the guides' instructions - Our guides are well trained and know every corner of the Delta. Listen carefully to their directions and follow any local rules to ensure a safe and discovery-filled experience.
  8. Take photos, but in moderation - Photos are great, but avoid using blitz, especially near birds. Bright light can disturb and stress animals. Capture memories, but with respect for your surroundings.

That being said, we are convinced that every boat trip through the Danube Delta will not only be a memorable adventure, but also a commitment to protecting this unique corner of nature. Join Deeper Blue to discover the beauty of the Danube Delta!

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