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Tulcea – Mila 23

Departure from Tulcea at 10:00 am

We make this trip daily, from 01 Mar. to 30 Nov.

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The capacity of the boat: 11 seats

Route Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: 40 Euro / pers.

This 4-5 hour itinerary promises not only stunning scenery, but also a foray into the wonderful world of delta flora and fauna.

Points of Interest:
  • Tulcea - We start from Tulcea, from the Deeper Blue pontoon which is located on the riverside promenade, the starting point of all our adventures. The town offers a glimpse into the history of the Danube Delta, and our departure promises a voyage of discovery.
  • Canal Mila 36 și Canal Sireasa Sud - We sail on the waters of the Mile 36 Canal and the South Sireasa Canal, entering the heart of the Delta. In this area, we have the chance to observe birds characteristic of this area, such as cormorants and egrets.
  • Canal Șontea Veche și Lac Băclănești - We arrive in a wonderful land exploring the Șontea Veche Canal and Lake Băclănești. Here, the silence is broken only by the chirping of birds and the picturesque landscape is perfect for connecting with nature.
  • Lac Fortuna și Canal Șontea Lată - We then follow Lake Fortuna and venture down the Șontea Lată Canal, giving you a glimpse into the fascinating lives of aquatic animals. Diverse flora enriches the landscape, creating a vibrant picture.

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  • Canal Olguța și Mila 23 (Optional Meal) We explore the Olguța Canal, and those in the mood for a gastronomic experience can opt for a meal in Mila 23, an authentic fishing village. Here, you can sample traditional cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.
  • Canal Șontea Lată, Canal Babarada și Canal Sulina - We continue our journey through varied landscapes, crossing the Șontea Lată Canal, the Babarada Canal and then entering the Sulina Canal. Here you have the opportunity to see a wide range of birds, including the elegant and much sought-after white swans.

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The Boat

You will travel in an open boat, designed to offer you comfort and safety. This boat is equipped with stylish bench seats with backrests and soft cushions to ensure you have the best experience. Stability and safety are fundamental elements of this boat, giving you the feeling of authenticity throughout your journey.


Please be present at the pier (for boarding) at the pre-arranged times, a carefully choreographed ritual we follow for both our shuttle trips and exciting tours experiences.

The impeccable cleanliness of the boat reflects our attention to quality detail, as it is exclusively used for touring.


Each person on the boat will be equipped with a life jacket, designed primarily for your safety.

We have a team of experienced guides, all of whom are locals born and raised in the heart of the Delta.

Being present on the waterfront daily, we are always up to date with the state of the Danube, unexpected weather events and miscellaneous news. As a result, the pre-established route can be easily modified depending on water levels, vegetation in the lakes and fresh information from the field.

At the request of our tourists, absolutely all routes can be modified. Combined trips can also be made on different canals and lakes in the Danube Delta, other than those listed in the offer.

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